Looking for any video's which have people being drawn on 
i have the pillow book , which i got a recommendation from this site , so any others would be welcome , also looking for a film which has this  in it 
i saw this film on tv but cant remember the name of it please can anyone help me thanks for all your help in advance .
the film has two people a woman and a man at a fireplace it is a romantic story , and she and he take turns at writing on each other with a sharpie marker.
hopefully someone can point me in the right direction or any you may recommend yourselves also i have crazy and beautiful which is a good film too and she uses markers on her boyfriend in the scene near the end this is the kind of films i am looking for.
keep smiling
be Happy
in addition i have 100 women which i recommend highly if you are looking for the same things  
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it is a french film

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I would like some advise on a tatoo im thinking of getting....on the inside of my left foot.. i want the words "Live to Surf, Surf to Live" these words mean alot to me and it will helpme to get through the tough times when in need. I wanted to get something like the symbol of pain or survivor but i think its a bit korny for myself and the surf is my life......im liking my surf line better. 

not sure if i want it written "Live to Surf" on my left then "Surf to live" on my right foot, or all of the phrase on the one foot, or just "Surf to Live" on my left.. i want nice but simple, different cursvie writing also... 

Im thinking of instead of getting it more in a straight line that I get it  like written like a wave also with mayb a lil surf board at the end

any thoughts???
Ruby & I

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im looking to add to my ankle tattoo...

can anyone recommend a good tatooist who will sit down with me and help me get the perfect addition to a so-so tattoo... i have found a perfect design off BME but want to make it my own.

Im in melbourne but willing to travel around to outer suburbs if needed...


Ruby & I

Piercings & Surgery

i need some help with my piercings...

I am going to have surgery next monday. Last year i had a smiliar proceedure, and all my piercings had to come out, 2hours after my tragus was taken out it closed up... and I had to get it redone, extra money but worth it, since then i have gotten my tongue pierced...i have many more piercings but they arent a problem.

my question is... i am aware that the tongue heels very fast... any suggestions or recommendations to make it not close up?? ive been thinking about putting a see through ring in and "hiding" it as such but that could be life threatening... 
where can i get a small see through bar for my tragus and for a fairly good price..

Im in melbourn australia but any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks

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Will anyone with a tattoo on their outter thigh AND upper arm please contact me?

And, If there are any skinny armed chicks with upper arm tatts out there, can you contact me too?

I just have a couple questions that I would like to get answers to =)
pweez xxoxoxx

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Guest Spots Available

If anyone knows of any tattoo artists who are available/you are a tattoo artist who is available to guest artist this summer, please let me know.

Please comment back, or email me at stephaniespins@hotmail.com

Electric Babylon Tattoos & Piercing
Unit 1-353 Provencher Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
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