September 26th, 2006


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My name is Laury, I'm from Quebec, Canada. Almost 21. I've always loved tattoos, but only gotten to it last year.

In August 05, I got a letter on each of my wrists, "F" on the left one, "T" on the right, both in the inside. F for Friends, Fear, Fight, Freak, Find; T for Tears, Try, Truth, Tell, Time.
On my wrists cause not so long before, I had had some... cutting problems. Being an artist, and considering any tattoo as artwork, I knew I couldn't cut them. Some kind of lifeguard if you will. And I'm better now.
Sadly, they've been done wrong, and they're ugly. So I'll get touch ups before I put the pics up.

Last week, my friend and I went to get tattoos for a special occasion. See, we've decided to move to Finland in less than 2 years, and we're both great fans of the Finnish rock band Apocalyptica. One of their songs has become our anthem for our project, "Path". So we decided to have "path" tattooed, and later its equivalent in Finnish, when we'll be in Finland. In my case, I also wanted a compass card, so I decided to draw my tattoo myself.Here's the result.

The second "P" at the end was mainly to keep the drawing balanced, and has the additionnal effect of making it seem like you can read it upside down.

Last weekend (22-23-24 of September) there was a tattoo convention in Montreal, and of course, I attended. On Saturday I went with my friend, and we were hoping to get her tattooed by Kat Von D from Miami Ink, since she was a special guest. But she had all her appointments already. So we wandered, and I ended up getting a rather large and unplanned tattoo from Colin Dale. He draws incredibly beautiful traditional scandinavian tattoos, either by hand or by machine. 

Mine has been done by machine, cause he didn't have time. I didn't have enough money for it (I knew it prior to getting it) so my friend agreed to lend me the money. I named them: the lower one is Valta (Power), the right one is Kiltteys (Wisdom) and the left one, Sisu (Courage). Yes, I'm a Zelda fan ^_^

I'm planning many more tattoos, but none to be concretized before I get a new job...
Besides, I'm interested into becoming a tattoo artist; anyone can help me with that? Stuff I need to practice, to know, people I need to meet...?

Thank you! ^_^
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