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Hi I'm new on this tattoo community. I used to be a part of a few others but they all got wrecked/sabotaged by some idiot and so I have hesitated to join any others but from what I can see this one is pretty cool.

I have 2 tattoos, an Egyptian eye of Horus on the back of my neck and one of my own design on my wrist, enclosed are pictures of it behind the cut. Heh just so you guys have something to look at besides boring text.

picture 1picture 2
Sorry for crappy quality, it's a Persian teardrop meant to be done in shades of a peacock feather going outwards with a Turkish evil eye in the middle. Combining my Turkish/Iranian-ness. And Egypt because I've been in love/fascinated/studying it since I was little. Now I'm working on a third that combines all three.

I go to school in Boston and one of my classes is a magazine writing course. While I was coming up with ideas for articles I thought it would be cool if I could shadow an artist or a few artist for a few days and see what they did and also get help designing because I can't get the things in my head on paper. Long story short, I wanted to get some other opinions and perspectives so I was wondering if any artists among you would mind answering some questions? I've put them behind a cut so this entry isn't too obnoxiously long.

How long have you been tattooing? Have you ever been featured in a magazine? What's your personal style if you have one? Do you have tattoos and did you tattoo them yourself? If you do have tattoos did you design them, what was your first, and would you "experiment" on yourself, that is try new techniques or designs you're not too sure of? What's an average day like working in a parlour? How do you and your customer communicate ideas and agree on a final product? Do you voice your opinion on "bad" tattoo ideas? What inspired you to start tattooing and do customers reasons for tattoos ever affect you or your decision to tattoo? Any information you'd be willing to provide and let me use your name (A first name and last name (or initial) and place of residence would be great if you wouldn't mind) would be appreciated.

Thanks so much and hi again. Further posts won't be as long I promise.

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