xxnow_im_lostxx (xxnow_im_lostxx) wrote in body_artist,


Hello all!

Just wanted to introduce myself!
My name is Michelle.
I have one tattoo and a couple of piercings!

I am actually fleaismahpea @livejournal...but I created this account, kind of as a concept journal...if that makes any sence.
Lemme explain...

Basically...I am starting an apprenticship as a piercer (my first day is tommorow, as a matter of fact...) and I thought it would be interesting to keep a journal of the happenings...what I learn...what I go through...what it takes to become a piercer!
I am hoping to gain readership and make this journal a place where many go to read about piercing and how to become a piercer...

So if you are intersted...please add me.

You can also add me at
that journal is friends only...but I'm not very picky!

Thank you!
and let me know if yall think this is a good idea!

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