Shorter than Shorty (h2o_chik) wrote in body_artist,
Shorter than Shorty

I would like some advise on a tatoo im thinking of getting....on the inside of my left foot.. i want the words "Live to Surf, Surf to Live" these words mean alot to me and it will helpme to get through the tough times when in need. I wanted to get something like the symbol of pain or survivor but i think its a bit korny for myself and the surf is my liking my surf line better. 

not sure if i want it written "Live to Surf" on my left then "Surf to live" on my right foot, or all of the phrase on the one foot, or just "Surf to Live" on my left.. i want nice but simple, different cursvie writing also... 

Im thinking of instead of getting it more in a straight line that I get it  like written like a wave also with mayb a lil surf board at the end

any thoughts???
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