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Laury Maeve Dragon

Advice from better knowing people?

This is most likely my first post here, though I've been watching for a while. I would like opinions on what I think is my worse piercing experience so far.

I'm 22, from Montreal, and apart from my ears, only my lower lip has ever gotten pierced. I've had a labret for almost 3 years, I've had a ring on the right side for almost a year but had to take it off for work, and had briefly a ring on the left side, but it wasn't healing well and was pierced a bit too low, so I decided to remove it.

I'm currently on vacation in Finland, and decided to get a lipring over my labret, which was done 2 weeks ago. 
The piercing itself was quite painful, mostly cause the girl who did it kept fiddling to try and get the ring in. It took nearly 10 minutes until the ball was finally set in.
It healed well, though there was some kind of crease in the inside of my lip. I returned to the piercing shop today to have the ring changed into a pin, because I did realize it was not quite normal.
The girl who had done the piercing went to seek advice to another girl - and, of course, not understanding much Finnish, I didn't catch much of the conversation. She returned to tell me the inside of my lip was probably kind of rejecting it, which seemed a logical conclusion enough with what I know of piercings.

She then proceeded to remove the ring. She tried to remove the captive ball with her fingers, and I had to saw out loud 'It really hurts?' to get her to take pliers to remove it. She had shown me pins and asked for me to choose one, without offering any kind of advice, so I pointed what looked like a gage 14, 12mm long pin, just for the time it would finish healing.
She tried to put it in 3 times, failed each time, so she took out what looked like a needle. I said that it should go through, considering she had just removed the ring, but she assured me it wasn't a needle. She stuck it in the piercing from inside, then from outside, and it hurt quite a bit. She tried again a few times to put the pin in, it still wouldn't work. She said she'd have to use the other, longer pin she'd shown me, cause it was quite swollen now.

She called the other girl again, they spoke a bit more, then told me she'd never seen something like that. She was preparing her not-needle thing again, but I decided that I had enough, asked if I could try myself, and put it in on the first try. She put the ball on and I left.

I felt quite hot and nauseous while she was fiddling with my lip, so I trusted her with the pin.
She had actually handed me a gage 12, 15mm long pin, which clinks on my front teeth and is at least 4mm too long, even with the swelling.

Now, I never studied piercing and got most of what I learned from personnal experience and reading websites, so I'm not an expert. 
But I really do feel like the whole thing was wrong on a few levels. Is it just me?
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