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I did this tattoo today on my friend James. He wanted the Libra constellation on his torso. I tried placing it on him to avoid hitting any bones. I also tried to keep as close to the natural direction of it placed in the sky (north being at the top). I used a round 5 liner and a massage table. It was interesting tattooing and learning how the skin reacts on different spaces of the ribcage and torso- not an easy spot to tattoo (or get tattooed).


Hello all!

Just wanted to introduce myself!
My name is Michelle.
I have one tattoo and a couple of piercings!

I am actually fleaismahpea @livejournal...but I created this account, kind of as a concept journal...if that makes any sence.
Lemme explain...

Basically...I am starting an apprenticship as a piercer (my first day is tommorow, as a matter of fact...) and I thought it would be interesting to keep a journal of the happenings...what I learn...what I go through...what it takes to become a piercer!
I am hoping to gain readership and make this journal a place where many go to read about piercing and how to become a piercer...

So if you are intersted...please add me.

You can also add me at
that journal is friends only...but I'm not very picky!

Thank you!
and let me know if yall think this is a good idea!


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My name is Laury, I'm from Quebec, Canada. Almost 21. I've always loved tattoos, but only gotten to it last year.

In August 05, I got a letter on each of my wrists, "F" on the left one, "T" on the right, both in the inside. F for Friends, Fear, Fight, Freak, Find; T for Tears, Try, Truth, Tell, Time.
On my wrists cause not so long before, I had had some... cutting problems. Being an artist, and considering any tattoo as artwork, I knew I couldn't cut them. Some kind of lifeguard if you will. And I'm better now.
Sadly, they've been done wrong, and they're ugly. So I'll get touch ups before I put the pics up.

Last week, my friend and I went to get tattoos for a special occasion. See, we've decided to move to Finland in less than 2 years, and we're both great fans of the Finnish rock band Apocalyptica. One of their songs has become our anthem for our project, "Path". So we decided to have "path" tattooed, and later its equivalent in Finnish, when we'll be in Finland. In my case, I also wanted a compass card, so I decided to draw my tattoo myself.Here's the result.

The second "P" at the end was mainly to keep the drawing balanced, and has the additionnal effect of making it seem like you can read it upside down.

Last weekend (22-23-24 of September) there was a tattoo convention in Montreal, and of course, I attended. On Saturday I went with my friend, and we were hoping to get her tattooed by Kat Von D from Miami Ink, since she was a special guest. But she had all her appointments already. So we wandered, and I ended up getting a rather large and unplanned tattoo from Colin Dale. He draws incredibly beautiful traditional scandinavian tattoos, either by hand or by machine. 

Mine has been done by machine, cause he didn't have time. I didn't have enough money for it (I knew it prior to getting it) so my friend agreed to lend me the money. I named them: the lower one is Valta (Power), the right one is Kiltteys (Wisdom) and the left one, Sisu (Courage). Yes, I'm a Zelda fan ^_^

I'm planning many more tattoos, but none to be concretized before I get a new job...
Besides, I'm interested into becoming a tattoo artist; anyone can help me with that? Stuff I need to practice, to know, people I need to meet...?

Thank you! ^_^
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Hi I'm new on this tattoo community. I used to be a part of a few others but they all got wrecked/sabotaged by some idiot and so I have hesitated to join any others but from what I can see this one is pretty cool.

I have 2 tattoos, an Egyptian eye of Horus on the back of my neck and one of my own design on my wrist, enclosed are pictures of it behind the cut. Heh just so you guys have something to look at besides boring text.

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Sorry for crappy quality, it's a Persian teardrop meant to be done in shades of a peacock feather going outwards with a Turkish evil eye in the middle. Combining my Turkish/Iranian-ness. And Egypt because I've been in love/fascinated/studying it since I was little. Now I'm working on a third that combines all three.

I go to school in Boston and one of my classes is a magazine writing course. While I was coming up with ideas for articles I thought it would be cool if I could shadow an artist or a few artist for a few days and see what they did and also get help designing because I can't get the things in my head on paper. Long story short, I wanted to get some other opinions and perspectives so I was wondering if any artists among you would mind answering some questions? I've put them behind a cut so this entry isn't too obnoxiously long.

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Thanks so much and hi again. Further posts won't be as long I promise.


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Hi all
I have been thinking about gettin a 2nd tattoo for over 2 yrs now. This tat is goin to be for my mum. She passed away when i was 7 and i really want to get an angel on my back with her birthday and her death date and Mum ....
I really want this one to be perfect so here are some ideas......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i really like this 1 cuz she is standing

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i just like the size and shape of this 1

I would really like if she had a scroll in her had so i can put the writing on that. so if any of u hae n e ideas for this plz comment me i would love to hear them!!! and if u kno of n e great places in pittsburgh PA plz let me know!!!
o yeh i really want it in black white and grey.
thanks a bunch cant wait to hear from u
pinks xx
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Hi guys, my name is Brenda im 18, 19 on Tues :) and im from Melbourne, Aust. I got my first tattoo in november last year. i didnt look after it very well so i had it redone again in jan. however wish it looked like the pic


im after some advise for my 2nd tat. i want to get it on the inner side of my right wrist. here is a drawing i drew on my wrist so u can see where i would like it situated...
as i cannot draw it looks crappy. but just so u can see where i want it.  the pic next to it is what i want, nothing too big and in black ink. this tattoo is for my not reali for show. as you can see as much as it is a symbol its a wave aswell! 

Ok i guess im asking for some advise to what you think of the tattoo, and if anyone has a recommendation for a place in melbourne, as i wasnt 100% happy with the last place i went to.